Taiwan Association of Nurse Practitioners


History of Taiwan Association of Nurse Practitioner

Taiwan association of nurse practitioner (TANP) is established on 21st April 2007 by president Tsay, Shiow-Luan and the nurse practitioners, which helps to complete whole new system in Taiwan. TANP is the only association represent nurse practitioners profession in Taiwan. Until now, there are over 9,500 members (Sep.2022) in the association. The organization was constituted by secretariat and six committees, including finance committee, members committee, publication committee, academic and Innovation committee, professional development committee and international affairs committee.

Core Value

This association is mainly devoted to promote the nurse practitioner profession , and reform health care workforce, and improve the health care quality.


  1. Defend the rights and interests of the nurse practitioner's labor rights, salary, and promote the quality ratio of patients and nurse practitioners.
  2. Strengthen the quality of the hospital for training nurse practitioner, and counsel the hospital to improve the quality of the training.
  3. Handling the national certificate and audition of nurse practitioners.
  4. Promote the "Taiwan Novice to Expert System and Certification" for the nurse practitioner to enhance the professional ability.
  5. Publish the "Journal of Taiwan Nurse Practitioners" to enhance the academic ability of nurse practitioners.
  6. Enhance the international perspective of the nurse practitioners to link up with the world.
  7. Extend the prospect of nurse practitioners: the opportunity and challenge of family nurse practitioners.

The number of members

  1. At present, the number of members is 9,532 and 90% of members with nurse practitioner licenses;
  2. Areas of nurse practitioner members: 51.1% in medical, 45.5% in surgical, 3.4% in obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, and anesthesiology areas.


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