Taiwan Association of Nurse Practitioners

Clinical Ladder System and Certification Application

Article 1
The Clinical Ladder System and Certification (hereinafter the Certification) for Nurse Practitioners are established to improve the clinical professional ability of nurse practitioners and the quality of patient care.
Article 2
The term “nurse practitioner” refers to the registered professional nurse who has obtained the nurse practitioner certificate from the Ministry of Health and Welfare (hereinafter the NP)
Article 3
Anyone who meets the criteria for the professional competence of any level may submit an application for certification.
Article 4
There are five levels in the promotion system, including the NP I (Novice level), NP II (Advanced beginner level), NP III (Competent level), NP IV (Proficient level) and NP V (Expert level).
Article 5
Those who meet the certification of the nurse practitioner the clinical laddeer system shall, in accordance with the items of Table 1 "Basic Requirements" and Table 2 "Supporting Documents of Practical Professional Ability Indicators for nurse practitioners", apply online on the website of the Association with the supporting documents and electronic files of supporting information from NPII to NPV levels attached.
Article 6
  1. Application method, certificate issuing and certification fee:
    (1) Full review: The Association will review the supporting documents of the basic conditions and of the professional competence of each level of the clinical ladder system, and issue the certificate for the level after the review is passed.
    Note: Those who fail to pass the review (except the review for NP II) can apply for partial review within the validity period of the supporting documents for the level, and those who pass the review will be regarded as passing the full review.
    (2) Partial review: The Association will review the case study,evidence-based case report and clinical guideline (or applied research) for each level. After the review is passed, the Association will issue a certificate.
    The consent of the nurse practitioner committee of the hospital should be attached for the application above.
  2. Fees for certification application are as follows:
    Promotion level Full review fee (NTD$) Partial review fee (NTD$) Additional fee of third review
    (if necessary, NTD$)
    NP II 1,000
    NP III 1,500 Case study 1,200 500
    NP IV 2,000 Evidence-based case report 1,500 600
    NP V 2,000 Clinical guideline 1,500 600
    Note: The review of each promotion level is conducted by two experts. In case of any inconsistency in the review results of the two experts, a third expert will be appointed for review. The review fee of the third review shall be separately paid by the applicant.
  3. The payment method is as follows: When applying, the payment transfer receipt or electronic transfer certificate shall be uploaded simultaneously:
    (1) Post transfer: Postal account name/account number - Taiwan Association of Nurse Practitioner 50028836;
    Please indicate the membership number, name and promotion certification fee in the remarks field of the transfer slip.
    (2) ATM transfer: Bank account number –19010112415 First Commercial Bank Tianmu Branch.
Article 7
Review Procedure
  1. Applications are accepted twice a year, which are from April 1 to April 30 and from October 1 to October 31.
  2. If the information submitted for review is incomplete, it may be supplemented within 2 weeks after receiving the notice from the Secretariat; otherwise the application will not be accepted and the fee will not be returned.
Article 8
The Certification shall come into force on the date of promulgation after being adopted by the board of directors and supervisors, and the same shall apply to their amendments.


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